It is amazing that with just the use of a key, you can actually start the vehicle's engine to operate or an automobile to run. This is because the very first automobile system that needs to function would be the ignition system. This system is the one responsible for providing the "spark" needed to ignite the air and fuel mixture in an engine during the combustion process. And it works when a distributor (for vintage and some late-model engines) or engine management computer (for most late-model engines) tells the coil when to fire and create the spark energy, the energy is then passed through some wires to the spark plugs which will then start the engine to operate.

This whole process is very important as your vehicle's powerful engine, great looking appearance, excellent handling and ride quality, and loads of stuffs and amenities for comfort and convenience would all be useless if you can't even start anything because the ignition system is having problem. For this reason, it is a must that you maintain the ignition system's, together with its various components, perfect working condition to stay out of engine starting troubles. Some of the components that you must keep an eye to are the 12 volt power output, cam lobe, condenser, control wires, distributor cap, distributor, high voltage coil wire, ignition coil, ignition key, ignition switch, magnetic pickup coil, metal core, points, primary winding, reluctor, rotor power output rotor, spark plug, spark plug wire insulation and the spark plug wires.

Of the mentioned components, the spark plug wires like the Dodge spark plug wires are the ones responsible for transmitting or conducting the electrical impulse from the coil to the spark plugs. These wires have different layers of materials but the most important is the one that carries the high voltage - the fiber core which is found at the innermost part of the wire. Replacing your vehicle's stock spark plug wires with high performance ones would be a good investment. These high-quality spark plug wires are less resistant and are capable of transmitting higher voltage of electrical energy to the spark plugs for better and more efficient ignition. Moreover, high-performance spark plug wires are durable enough to stand damages and tears caused by heat or moisture.

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