All cars will not be able to run if there is an absence of the ignition system. Some may ask why this is so. It's because the ignition system is already an integral component for the well-timed burning of the fuel mixture in the internal-combustion engine. The ignition is usually started by means of a switch or a lock. This system is consisting of subcomponents that make up for an efficient start of combustion. Some of the important elements composing this system are the distributor, distributor cap, ignition coil, spark plug and the spark plug wires.

In this whole system, the spark plug wires are the ones usually overlooked whenever a system inspection is done. Sometimes it's just taken for granted, assuming that it will always be in excellent condition. But contrary to this belief, the spark plug wires are very prone to brittleness, cracks and breakdowns. When the wires having any of these symptoms goes undetected, your engine will malfunction for sure. Engine misfiring and rough running will be experienced.

In order to avoid this incident from happening you must have an understanding of how the spark plug wires work. When you look under your hood, you will see heavily insulated wires connecting the spark plugs to the distributor cap. These wires handle tens of thousands of energy to the spark plug each time you turn in the engine. Upon turning on the ignition switch, a spark is ignited in the spark plug and this triggers the burning of the compressed aerosol gasoline. Since the wires are meant to hold so much electrical energy, they are usually made of highly resistant materials. However, there is still a specific ratio on the resistance that the wires must have. So if the wires are already damaged, the thousand volts it carries will not be delivered to its proper place and will have to find another route, that's why engine misfire usually happens.

Like any other car part, the spark plug wires must also be given proper attention. Owning a great car such as a Chrysler should make you more vigilant in your maintenance regime in order to avoid immediate wearing out of its parts. But sometimes, damage cannot be avoided, so if you have damaged spark plug wires it will be best to have them replaced as soon as you can. Parts Train carries high quality Chrysler spark plug wires that you can avail of. You will surely benefit from the affordable prices provided for these Chrysler sparkplug wires.