Car Spark Plug Wires

It's never a good sign when your car's jerking 'cause it's most probably suffering from engine misfire. This particular symptom may be induced by various problems and one of them is bad Spark Plug Wire. As you know, the wire is also referred to as "ignition cable" by some drivers. It's a crucial part of your ignition system since it's responsible for channeling high voltage current to the spark plugs from the ignition coil. For this reason, starting and driving your car will definitely be a pain if the wire gets damaged in any way. In most cases, the best solution to bad spark plug wiring is simply replacing it with a new one.

A Spark Plug Wire Set may contain wires of different lengths, so if you're planning to replace yours, you have to be absolutely sure of your wiring's specs. There are several ways by which you can determine whether your wires are bad or not. First, you can inspect the insulation of wires for any signs of damage. Look for hairline cracks especially in wires that have turned brittle with age. Another method to check the condition of your wires is by using a voltmeter. If the voltmeter displays a variance over .05, the wires are shot and must be replaced immediately.

The symptoms of a bad Car Spark Plug Wire are usually the same as those of a shot spark plug. Aside from start up problems, you'll also experience reduced horsepower due to irregularities in engine combustion. Rough idling is another common consequence as the abnormal flow of electrical current to the spark plugs results in erratic engine operation. Also, expect your engine to hesitate if your stock wires are full of breaks and cracks that generate electrical interference. Finally, due to the intermittent operation of your ignition system, your car might suddenly exhibit bursts of speed that would just as immediately go out. This condition is called engine surging and it's another reason why replacement is necessary.

To restore the excellent condition of your ignition system, you need new Spark Plug Wire. Going aftermarket is a wise choice since aftermarket wires for spark plugs are identical to OE wires in terms of specs but they're much more affordable. These wires are built from heavy-duty materials, so they'll be able to withstand extreme pressures in your car for a very long time. They're perfect as replacement parts since they're rigorously tested for flawless performance and snug fit.

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