Every time you start your car, a number of mechanisms work its way up to allow you to drive your car on the road. Each of these parts has to be in top shape to enable you to get great mileage and engine performance. Among these highly essential parts is the spark plug. A fully functional spark plug is necessary for your Suzuki to allow it to run and bring you to your destination. Fortunately, high quality spark plugs are available in the market today that delivers enhanced and greater electricity to your ignition system.

In essence, spark plugs are small devices located in the cylinder that take in high voltage of electricity to be able to create a spark. Because of the function of the spark plugs, they should be made from durable and heavy duty materials to endure high voltage electricity. After receiving the electricity, the spark created ignites the gas-air mixture resulting to the combustion that eventually powers your vehicle. The process may sound simple but the function involved is complex and essential. Without the spark plugs, your vehicle can never get a strong, steady start.

Small and simple as they may seem, spark plugs should never be taken for granted in your car. Servicing them and checking them regularly is highly important. Why do you have to do this? At one of the spark plug, a gap is built between two or more small pieces of metal. When the plug ignites, sparks jump this gap and a small part of metal is burned. This process happens hundreds of times every minute. The gap between the metal pieces grows big over time. Ultimately, the plugs will foul up and cause your car to misfire and run poorly.

Most spark plugs last up to 60,000 or 90,000 miles. As soon your plugs have reached this mileage, better check on your spark plugs and replace them immediately. If you put off replacement you might yourself having a hard time removing the plugs when it is time. Regular inspection can help determine the well-being of the plugs. It could also help determine the condition of the engine. Just by looking at the plugs, mechanics will know whether the engine is still in good condition or is already running poorly.

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