Though hardly seen and given little thought, spark plugs play a major role in your vehicle's ignition system. As part of the internal combustion engine, spark plugs ensure that you get a hot, solid spark every time you start your engine. An elegant and stylish Subaru especially needs a good set of spark plugs to ensure that it gets the spark that it needs all the time. Subaru engineers made sure that the spark plugs equipped in their vehicles are built to last for miles and miles of driving application.

The function of the spark plugs is quite simple. All they have to do is push electricity to move across a gap to create a good spark. The electricity must have a voltage of 40,000 to 100,000 volts in order to travel across the gap and create the spark needed. The insulated passageway in the plug enables the high voltage electricity to travel to the electrode and jump the gap. From there, the electricity is conducted in the engine block and grounded. The ceramic inserts in the plug detach the high voltage electricity at the electrode to ensure that the spark is produced at the tip of the electrode and not anywhere else in the plug. Spark plugs also offer a second purpose: to help channel away some of the heat produced in the cylinder.

To ensure that the spark plug will withstand severe heat and pressure in the cylinder, it must be made from durable, heavy duty and heat-resistant materials. There are several kinds of plugs available in the market today from different manufacturers. Choosing the right plugs means more than choosing the one that just screw into the hole. Every car requires distinctly designed spark plugs; hence finding the right fitting one is extremely important. For big vehicles that need enormous horsepower, high performance plugs are needed. If you are into drag racing, a colder plug is required as it is capable of easily transferring heat away from the electrode. For mild street cars, a hot plug is needed to keep the center electrode at the right temperature to burn off deposits.

Regular spark plug inspection and upkeep is important to prevent any engine trouble. Because spark plug condition can basically tell a mechanic of the condition of the engine, periodic inspection of the plugs can prevent any problem. But as soon a damaged spark plug is evident, securing replacement is highly important. Driving with a worn out plug is wrong economy that may cause misfires and engine inefficiency. Acquiring the services of a competent mechanic will ensure accurate fitment of your new spark plugs. Never hesitate to contact them in times of spark plug replacement.

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