Sometimes it's pitiful to know that the work of the spark plug is worse than the engine. It quietly lives in a hole enduring enormous amount of voltage and heat from explosions yet it comes unnoticed most of the time. Spark plugs indeed have the toughest and most important function in your vehicle. Without it you might as well consider walking on your way to work.

High quality spark plugs are essential in every car. If you own a Saab you need to get durable and fully functional spark plugs. The elegant, powerful and massive performance that your Saab delivers necessitates a reliable spark plug. In essence, spark plugs perform two tasks: to ignite the air-fuel mixture and to transfer heat from the combustion chamber. Spark plugs can only remove heat but cannot create it. It functions as a heat exchanger removing unnecessary heat in the combustion chamber and transferring it to the cooling system.

The location of the spark plugs exposes it to severe operating temperature and chemicals. This can all affect the service life of the plugs. Careful inspection of the plugs can tell you the problems that are going on in the engine. By proper reading and understanding your spark plugs, you can learn a lot about how your engine is performing. The colors of the plugs can tell if the engine is running too hot or is already worn out.

On an average, spark plugs need to be replaced every two years or every 30,000 miles. Regular replacement can ensure maximum fuel economy and optimum engine performance. There are lots of spark plug designs in the market today; securing the correct spark plug is necessary to ensure precise fit. Remember that a worn out plug takes a lot more voltage to fire and can cause poor running engine. If damage in your spark plugs is beyond repair, your best option is to replace it. Putting up with worn plugs is wrong economy. It can cause greater damage to the engine and greater expense for you in the long run.

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