Aside from the starting system, a vehicle has got an ignition system to do the initial processes of setting the engine in full operation. Thus, it doesn't always mean that it is the starter that's gone defective whenever your Peugeot is giving you a hard startup. Perhaps, one of the parts of its ignition system is already failing. The fault can be due to a problematic distributor or spark plug wires. Or, it could be that the Peugeot spark plug is no longer able to produce enough amount of spark to efficiently ignite the combustion process.

The primary goal of the spark plug is to ignite fuel at the exact predetermined point in time to allow the expanding gases to deliver utmost possible amount of work. Gas consumption and emission and power failure will start to show if the ignition system fires at the wrong time. During the burning of air/fuel mixture, the temperature rises and some of the chemical energy of the fuel is transformed into exhaust gases. During this event, the pressure from the cylinder will increase tremendously to force the piston down. The maximized amount of pressure will produce efficient engine activity. In short, to deliver the most efficient ignition, the spark plugs must fire during the power stroke to maximize the pressure.

The spark plug is critical in the success to produce better mileage. In theory, it works by forcing electricity to curve across the gap to create a spark. Because the spark ignites fuel, the electricity required should be of a very high voltage to function best or reach the normal range of 40,000 to 100,000 volts. The spark happens at the tip of the electrode where a ceramic insert separates the high voltage from other parts of the plug. The ceramic insert also does the function of burning deposits that are trying to build up from the spark plug.

The location of the spark plug exposes it to extreme heat and pressure. Thus, the plug must be able to withstand these aspects, and must be able to prevent the build up of fuel additives from within the plug. Automobiles nowadays utilize plugs which are either considered as a hot plug or a cold plug. The type of plug will depend on the temperature range of the engine. If you are in need of any of these types of spark plugs, visit Parts Train. Parts Train has been in the industry long enough to provide enthusiasts with excellent products and services. Our comprehensive catalog will keep you equipped with all the necessary parts you require, such as the top-notch Peugeot spark plugs which are only a few clicks away.