Without the internal combustion engine, we will not be able to run our vehicles on the road. And because of that, the internal combustion engine is regarded as the heart of the vehicle. One of the most important processes happens within its compartment and it is the burning of the fuel. When the fuel starts to incinerate, the power is then transferred to the vehicle parts in need of it. The internal combustion engine creates the energy requirement to make it attain its goal. Hence, to make it function, it calls for the electricity to ignite the fuel, the oil to lubricate and the water for cooling off.

It is because of those functions that the internal combustion engine is regarded as the heart of every single vehicle like your Kia. Whatever Kia model you have, it will not be traveling on the road with the absence of the internal combustion engine. And, to make it functional, the engine is provided with battery and electric starter. This is where the function of the ignition system takes place. It is one very important assembly in your Kia because it does the starting. In other words, starting your car depends on the ignition system. Prior to the setting-off of other vehicle parts, a perfectly timed spark should always go first. The ignition system must work harmoniously with the engine system. At a certain time, the fuel must be ignited and the gasses should be expanded. Accurate ignition and timing is a must because inaccuracy can lead to bad emission, excessive gas consumption and power failure. But, which specific parts of the ignition assembly initiates the starting of the vehicle? It is the spark plug that ignites the compacted aerosol gasoline with an electric spark. This is located in the internal combustion engine, more specifically in the cylinder head. It contains various parts such as the conductor, insulator and the shell. Because the spark plug and its components are essential to every vehicle, they must be made from high-grade materials. The spark plug is used in sealing the combustion chamber from the high pressure and temperature. It is important to know the configuration of your specific Kia spark plug as it differs from the spark plugs of other applications. That is crucial in choosing the appropriate spark plug for your Kia so that you will be certain with your replacement. And if you have decided to replace your spark plugs, Partstrain can greatly provide you with the replacement. Here in our trusted site, we offer Kia car parts, which are suitable for your application. Are you still looking for more? We have a wide assortment of top-notch car products from excellent auto parts manufacturers. With that, you are sure that you are getting only the best from us.