Your Infiniti Spark Plug is the electrical device that fits into the cylinder head of some internal combustion engines. It is important for the compression of aerosol through the generation of sparks. Spark Plugs are composed of an insulated center electrode that is connected by an insulated wire to an ignition coil. When electrons flow from the coil, a voltage difference is developed between the center electrode and side electrode. There is no current flow and the voltage rises further. The structure of the gases between the electrodes is altered and become ionized when voltage exceeds the dielectric strength of gases.

Spark plugs are your important tools for diagnosing problems in your engine. An experienced tuner can analyze significant symptoms to track down the causes of certain problems. It can also determine the air/fuel ratios. Spark plug aims to ignite air/fuel mixture and to transfer heat from the combustion chamber. You need to know that heat is not the thing that spark plugs produce, but rather sparks. Heat is in fact removed by the spark plugs. Your Infiniti Spark Plug works as a heat exchanger by pulling the undesired thermal energy away from the combustion chamber. From then, the heat is transferred to the engine's cooling system. Heat range is identified as the plug's ability to dissipate heat.

Spark plugs may undergo detonation and fouling. Such failures can break the insulators or break off the ground electrodes. Elevated temperature and accompanying shock wave are significantly causing damages to the spark plugs. Pre-ignition often causes the detonation. The spark plug tip temperature can spike to over 3000'F during the combustion process. Misfires on spark plugs are brought when enough voltage is not delivered to light off all the fuel present in the combustion chamber at correct timing. These can be due to a defective coil, excessive compression with wrong plug gap, fry fouled spark plugs, and insufficient ignition timing. Apparently, the aftermath of misfires is the decrease in performance, reduced fuel economy, poor drivability, and severe engine damage.

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