Experiencing missed fires and late ignition can be bothersome, especially if the ignition system of your engine became kaput; before you come across such a disastrous event along the road, it is best if you'll routinely check all ignition parts to ensure everything is in excellent condition prior to heading out for a drive. To guarantee adequate delivery of electrical energy constantly, you need to install a reliable Ford Contour spark plug inside the assembly; the power delivered by these plugs has to be strong enough to produce a spark that would ignite the pressurized engine fuels within your cylinder block and start the whole car.

Usually, spark plugs are designed with an insulated cable so electric voltages of high voltages can easily flow from one point to an electrode wherein the spark jumps through an opening and into the prepared motor unit. This part might cease to provide you efficient support when it arrives at approximately 1,000 miles of usage and any defect could result in engine breakdown or interstate accidents; for affordable replacements that could certainly suit your price range, just check out Parts Train and feel free to explore our wide E3, Omix, and OES Genuine Ford Contour spark plug inventory.