Your Eagle vehicle would not move forward without the ignition system. This system is composed of different parts that are inter-dependent on each other to make the initial spark to your vehicle. The absence of one part would greatly impede its function. One of these components is the Eagle spark plugs.

The eye is the windows to the souls, according to his popular adage. Conversely, the Eagle spark plugs are the 'windows" into your engine that can be utilized as a diagnostic tool. The conditions and symptom of your engine can be displayed by the spark plug, just like a patient's thermometer. Actually, sparkplugs have two main functions: to transfer heat from the combustion chamber, and to ignite air/fuel mixture. So it goes to say that Eagle spark plugs turn fuel into working energy by carrying an electrical energy.

The spark plug construction consists of ribs, insulator, terminal, insulator tip and seal, metal case, side electrode, center electrode and seals. These are the parts that make it possible for this auto part to perform its function of supplying a sufficient amount of voltage from the ignition system to spark across the spark plug's gap. It must be maintained in its normal temperature; too much high temperature would result to pre-ignition, while too much low temperature would result to fouling.

The operating temperature of your Eagle spark plugs can be influenced by a number of external factors: air/fuel mixtures, higher compression ratios or forced induction, advanced ignition timing, engine speed and load, ambient air temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure or altitude. However, it is important to note that these conditions cannot be created by the spark plugs. But they must be able to cope up with the level of heat generated. The performance of this auto part will suffer and engine damage can occur when the spark plug ceases to cope up with these factors.

Maintaining your Eagle spark plug in good condition is a must to be able to sustain a smooth flowing engine. However, your spark plugs may deteriorate due to prolonged use. Do not wait for serious engine damage before you attempt to replace your defective spark plugs. Parts Train is an online dealer of genuine Eagle spark plugs and a host of auto and truck parts and accessories. You can call our toll free hotline number anytime of the day, twenty for hours a day, seven days a week. Shop at Parts Train and your online shopping will never be the same again.