If your Daihatsu spark plug is giving you the difficulty while starting your car have it replaced at once. What we do not know is that the spark plugs on your car are the one who ignite the cylinder in order for the engine to run. Typical spark plugs are usually made of the outer shell, a connecting terminal, core, a center electrode, set area, and numbers of ground electrodes. Sizes of sparks plugs might vary but the use was all the same.

Spark plugs takes care on the most important part of the engine and that is to ignite the fuel that is being used in the internal combustion thus it delivers the oil for lubrication and the needed water to make it cool. If this is not properly taken care of the internal combustion will not ignite and your car will not start because the electric starter and the battery of your car cannot provide the power that it needed. Perfect timing is needed when ignition takes place to your place. Without the proper coordination that the spark plugs, a mistake on the timing can take place that often resulted to engine misfires. This only consumes fuel that was being burnt leading to power failure and emission of harmful substance.

Symptoms of a faulty spark plug can be mostly seen when your car experiences a poor gas mileage, poor acceleration of the engine that is being under load and this can also contribute in making your car failed the emissions test. These occasions will lead in often misfire every time you put your car's ignition on. Most spark plugs today are required to be changed from time to time in order for it to maintain efficiency and durability. The need for a replacement ranges from 30,000 to 100,000 miles depends on the type of spark plugs you wish to install to your Daihatsu. Since this make of car is very rare and parts are difficult to find, it would be best to have quality spark plug that guarantees a longer life than the others.

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