Did it ever cross your mind on how your car gets started every time you turn the keys on? You can often notice a starting sound of an engine at the moment you put the car keys on the keyhole and turn it on. But engine mechanism is not that simple as turning the keys on. At this point, spark plugs are the ones who start all the engine mechanism for it to become operational.

Cadillac spark plug is an electrical device that is made up to fit the cylinder head of the internal combustion engine of your car. With the use of electric spark, it ignites the compressed gasoline on the engine. Spark plugs components include an insulated center electrode from which is being linked to a heavily insulated wire into an ignition coil on the outside in which it forms a grounded terminal called a 'spark gap' inside the cylinder.

Here are the signs for you to check whenever it's time for your Cadillac spark plugs to be replaced. During cold weather, start might have one of those 'no start service calls'. Often times that the battery got run dead while getting the engine started because the spark plugs would not ignite. Having a closer look on that, you will notice that it could be found wormed out or dirty. With new plugs, it reduces the voltage requirements that it needed thus, decreases that chances of misfire.

A gradual decline on the ignition performance can be noticed until it reached a point that this will create a steady miss in which it causes the engine to run rough, stall or make itself a hard start. New plug maintains peak engine performance and efficiency, so it is important to have it replaced from time to time. Engines are expected to have some misfires from time to time but as the number of misfires goes up every time, it increases the exhaust emissions, waste gases as well as reducing its power. Although a new set of plugs can't be a solution to the emission problems and drivability that it can take, it can still make a significant improvement.

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