Whenever we turn the key of your Buick it also automatically turns on the engine of your car. It seems an easy task but if you are going through the insides of your car, you will be surprised with the fact that multiple wires are connected to your car and works as a team. Once the ignition key is turned on, the action takes place and on this manner it is the Buick spark plug that ignites the work to start. The spark plugs that most of the cars have are crafted to fit in the cylinder head that is located on the internal combustion engine that all cars have. The compressed gasoline in the engine of the car is being ignited by an electric spark and this spark plugs result from the sole movement of the ignition key.

Spark plugs are usually made up of an insulated mass of electrode that is linked very carefully to a fully insulated wire. This insulated wire was being placed in an ignition coil that is also linked on the outside, in which it creates a grounded terminal that is often called spark gap in the insides of your cylinder. Any sign of wearing out or misfire for this part might give your car a bad start. An abrupt change on the ignition performance can be obviously be seen once it will reach a point from where that Buick spark plugs will create a misfire that makes the engine of your car to move roughly or even make itself a hard start.

Whenever your car is exposed to cold weather, expect it to have one of those 'no start service calls'. To explain you a bit further of this, when 'no start service calls' happen, the battery of your car will just run dead out of the blue as the engine was just getting started. And all of these happened because the spark plug of your Buick fails to start. Always make sure that your car has new plugs for this kind of occasion to be prevented. New plugs ensure your engine to have its peak performance and efficiency.

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