Car Spark Plugs

You're running late for work, you crank your car's engine but it doesn't start. You do it again, two, three, four times, hit the steering wheel with your fist, curse the air for your predicament but your car just refuses to go. You know what the culprit is. A shot Spark Plug can easily spark frustration in any driver. If you've been ignoring the signs and symptoms for weeks, then don't be surprised if your plug just completely gave way this morning. The sooner you replace the bad plug, the sooner you can rely on your vehicle again.

As you're well aware of, the main responsibility of Spark Plugs is to ignite compressed fuel in the engine in order to start the vehicle. Plug problems are fairly common because the part is regularly exposed to extreme conditions under the hood. For instance, a plug's electrode can get damaged over time due to age and wear. Carbon deposits also tend to accumulate on the plug, appearing as black soot that wraps around the part. Reddish coating on a plug's body usually indicates that it's been damaged by additives found in unleaded fuel. Finally, corrosion on the surface of a plug is also a sure sign that it needs to be removed immediately.

Startup problems are not the only nasty consequences of bad plugs, so there's no question you need Replacement Spark Plugs right away. You can expect poor acceleration and significant reduction in your car's mileage. Idling will be an issue as the engine would sputter and excessively vibrate as you idle on the road. Sudden surges in power are also very common in vehicles with broken plugs as the plugs aren't working consistently anymore. Last, and probably the most frustrating consequence of all, expect your car to stall if you continue to drive with a bad plug. This is very dangerous on the road where vehicles may collide against you if you suddenly stall. Ending up with an irreparably damaged engine is also not farfetched, especially if your engine continues to suffer because of your bad stock plug.

Installing an aftermarket Spark Plug in place of your busted one is great idea since aftermarket plugs are rigorously built for flawless operation and extended service life. Aftermarket plugs today are also equipped with special features that further enhance their performance, such as hot-tip insulators that contribute to longer electrode life, and nickel-chrome alloy sheathing that increases the part's resistance against the harmful effects of spark erosion and the combustion chamber's corrosive tendencies. Finally, they're patterned after OE specs, so their fit is always perfect.

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