Car Soft Tops

That annoying flapping won't go away no matter how much you tinker with your old Soft Top and its mounting or retracting mechanism. The fabric has most probably deteriorated over time, making it too soft and increasing its tendency to flap against the wind. In this case, replacement is a must, especially if the top also has nasty holes and ripping parts here and there. Since the top is your primary protection against the intense rays of the sun and other potentially harmful outdoor elements, you must see to it that your top is in great condition.

Soft tops are used by a variety of vehicles: convertibles, jeeps and trucks are just a few examples. All of them are specially designed to provide protection to passengers and cargo while being easy to remove or retract. If you've had your top for over three years, it has most likely lost its original protective qualities and its mounting or retracting hardware is probably damaged, so you must replace it as soon as you can. Tops that are frequently removed, folded and those that are used in extreme off-road conditions are even more likely to deteriorate faster.

When choosing a new Car Soft Top, be mindful of the materials used to create the fabric. Denser and heavier tops usually don't flap as much as lighter ones. They also have better noise-cancelling properties due to their weight and resistance, so it may be best to go for a thicker top. If other pieces of your top's hardware are damaged or corroded, then you should also replace them along with the top. Some tops today are available in kits, so getting one is probably the right move if you want to replace the entire top and its mounting and retracting hardware. Also, don't forget to consult your vehicle's manual just to be sure you know exactly the specs of the top you're looking for.

If you want to save on your replacement job, you can go for an aftermarket Soft Top instead of an OE one. The quality is the same but you'll save more with an aftermarket top as it's typically more budget-friendly. Aftermarket tops today are made of highly durable materials, such as vinyl-coated cotton and polyester that can give you incredible protection even against the most extreme temperatures. Many of them also have special noise-cancelling designs, so you can finally say goodbye to those frustrating flapping noises.

Here at Parts Train, we've gathered the most trusted manufacturers of auto parts and accessories in the industry, giving you a choice selection of tops to choose from. We'll help you save on your Soft Top replacement job by offering you the part you need at a very affordable price. Driving won't feel as great as it used to 'til you install a new top-notch top, so schedule your replacement job today.