Improved driving profile is achievable once you install a whole set of signal lights on the structure of your Geo ; it means you must ensure each front light, rear lamp, as well as your side reflector light are all in excellent form and also running perfectly. Weak illumination especially at night driving often brings about freeway mishaps, nevertheless with sufficient illumination along every side of your car, specifically your front lamp, tail lamp, and side reflectors, you would definitely avert these accidents.

The reflectors are mainly an assembly of lights that can be fitted on the vehicle's ends in order to enhance your road visibility under bad lighting situations; normally, the state policy mandates most massive vehicles such as trailers as well as trucks to set up a side reflector so that every perimeter of the massive body will be visible to smaller-sized cars. You may also modify the body of the Geo using a pair of side reflectors; only pick out the suitable shape and tint and after that, you are ready to go.

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