Traffic policies require that wide automobiles to install a side marker light on each side to let other road users know of their dimensions and prevent sideswipes or collisions. Despite the size of your Infiniti G35, setting up side markers on it shall be good because it can always help to improve presence. Getting and fitting a Infiniti G35 side marker light allows traveling in poor visibility such as fog or heavy rain safer and might even be a fashionable add-on as well.

To understand if you're required to fit side markers on your Infiniti G35, talk with the local authorities or the Transportation Department to know what guidelines affect your vehicle. Lots of Infiniti G35 side marker light available these days sport a strong plastic shell to shield it from cracking and function as an ornament as well. There are also side marker lights for your Infiniti G35 that require no drilling and are quite straightforward to fit if they suit the wiring of your automobile. We stock a huge assortment of long-lasting and elegant side marker light sets that can contribute not only safety but also sparkle to your automobile.

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