Car Side Markers

Smart customization always takes safety into serious consideration. A large part of your road safety depends on how visible your vehicle is even in the most obscure driving conditions. This is why if a Side Marker on your car is damaged or if your vehicle lacks markers in good condition, you must make it a point to include the installation of new markers in your customization project. Mounting new markers is always a great idea as these luminous parts not only increase your safety on the road, they also make your vehicle look cooler.

There are various types of Side Markers today, so take your time choosing ones that complement the style of your car and suit your needs. Markers can either be reflector lenses or light assemblies with bulbs. The advantage with the reflector-type marker is that you can easily install it without having to figure out how to connect wires. But if you want your markers to work with your turn signal lights, park lights and other safety lights, going for light assembly-type markers is the right choice. These markers are also a better choice if you want to be more visible at night or in other low visibility conditions, such as in the middle of fog, haze, rain or snow.

Whatever Car Side Marker you choose, see to it that it complies with all applicable regulations and industry standards, such as CAPA, DOT and SAE. Consider the marker's ease of installation as you don't want something that takes hours to hook up. If you want really fast installation, it may be best to go for plug-and-play markers that require no cutting or drilling at all to mount. These markers typically use 3M tape to instantly adhere to your car's exterior surfaces. Finally, look for something that's made of highly durable materials, so it could withstand the grind of the elements for a long period of time.

As you know, many motorists mount their markers near the rear or front ends of their vehicles but this is not necessary. Remember that you're primarily installing the lights for safety, so make sure to mount them in the most visible position possible. If drilling is required, be very careful and drill a small hole first, then slowly make it larger to fit the Side Marker.

If you don't want to end up with flimsy reflectors or light assemblies for your vehicle, Parts Train is a great place to look for the custom parts you need. We'll help you do your customization or restoration the right way by providing you with auto parts and accessories of the highest quality. You'll surely find a heavy-duty but affordable Side Marker here in our extensive catalog. It's time to be a smarter and safer driver. Start planning your light installation today.