A great number of vehicle owners spend cash hoping to boost their car's horse power capacity, but you should not really spend too much just to enhance the functionality of your Volvo . An effective add-on that you can have is the short ram intake - a Volvo short ram intake provides several rewards in terms of end power, price, and ease of set up.

One aspect which helps make the short ram intake a powerful add-on is its layout; the component can deliver a greater amount of energy because it could provide added air flow at a given period of time. If you secure this Volvo improvement, you will need to position the intake filter in an area around the engine - do not forget to mount a heatshield to shield it against heat. Short ram intakes provide a big advantage over identical intake accessories because these are not as expensive and they could be mounted readily. So in case you are searching for improved engine output, consider a short ram intake in your Volvo .

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