There are numerous ways for you to raise the HP of one's engine to enhance the performance of the vehicle; changing your stock air intake of the Volkswagen Jetta with an OE short ram intake would be an excellent technique of doing this. This particular OEM component drastically raises the air flow inside the motor so a vehicle is capable of doing higher rotations per minute or RPM; the particular sudden surge in the level of intake air quantity tremendously contributes throughout improving the horsepower plus the throttle response of the gasoline pedal.

Your short ram intake works efficiently by simply pulling within a greater volume of air flow inside your engine motor; issues may occur because the temperature of the oxygen pulled inside is generally a tad higher than exactly what the car can easily endure, most short ram intakes with regard to Volkswagen Jetta features an integral heat shield function that opposes the particular intake temperature problems. The particular factory air intake of the Volkswagen Jetta actually confines the airflow in the motor which could result to bad motor performance; fitting an OEM short ram intake can resolve a lot of ventilation issues your vehicle is experiencing.

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