Car Short Ram Intakes

For many vehicles, "factory" is almost synonymous with "failure." This is true for many types of factory piping that restricts the power a vehicle can potentially generate. If you're a DIYer who loves customization, you know that one solution to this problem is installing aftermarket pipes, such as a Short Ram Intake. Putting this pipe on instantly pumps more power into your car for that palpable improvement in your performance.

Short Ram Intakes typically come in the form of short metal pipes with air filters. These replacement pipes are used to replace OE air intakes that prevent vehicles from unleashing their true potential. Because of its customized length and design, the new aftermarket intake allows a larger volume of air to access the engine faster. With more air comes better combustion, resulting in significant gains in horsepower that you'll instantly feel once you crank the engine after installation.

As a DIYer, you know that modifying your car has its share of risks. In the case of the ram intake, there are drivers who believe that hot air may enter the intake because of the engine's proximity. You're probably aware that hot or warm air causes trouble in the engine, resulting in loss of power. Good thing Car Short Ram Intakes today have solved this problem as they come with various types of heat shields that reduce the temperature of air that's channeled to the engine.

As long as you have some DIY experience and you sufficiently review your vehicle's manual before going ahead with the ram intake installation, you shouldn't run into any problems with your new intake. Aftermarket intakes are very high in quality as they're made of extremely durable materials, such as premium aluminum, for instance. Many come with specially designed reinforcements for incredible stability even in extreme temperatures. Even the filter is meticulously crafted to maximize clean air intake and extend service life. The most important thing to remember is to take your time searching for the right Short Ram Intake for your vehicle and never get an aftermarket part from a shady distributor.

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