Vehicle performance is oftentimes associated with speed and power, and this kind of thinking is but a part of the overall meaning as to what auto performance really is. Though you can never argue with the established fact that performance is power and speed, you also have to consider the question that "the moment you have power, what do you actually do with this?" It is then useless for all the power that your Toyota generates if you cannot control it and then translate it into pleasurable driving. And, this general function is actually the role of your vehicle's suspension system, to which your Toyota shocks belong.

The basic job of your auto's suspension is to maximize the friction between the tires and the road surface so as to provide steering stability with good handling and to ensure the comfort of the passengers. Among the key components of the suspension system are the shocks or more commonly known as the shock absorbers.

Your Toyota shocks, or the dampers in technical use, are those mechanical devices which are designed to smooth out or damp sudden shock impulse and then dissipate the kinetic energy produced. What your Toyota shocks effectively do is to reduce the disturbing effects of driving over rough grounds, thus giving you an improved ride quality. Without the shock absorbers, your ride will have a bouncy feel as the energy that is stored on the spring and released to the vehicle will possibly exceed the allowed range of suspension movement. The shocks control the rate by which the springs move while also regulating the rate of the suspension movement in response to the bumps.

You may not need Toyota shocks if roads are forever flat and devoid of any hump, pot hole, and other road irregularities and hazards. However, the truth is, roads are not forever flat. That is why the Toyota shocks are very important. They will certainly ensure that you constantly have a pleasurable and safe driving, devoid of any bouncy feeling, even if the roads that you travel are rough. Having suspension shocks is a cost-effective way to ensure your ride quality.

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