Your Porsche 911 heavily depends on the Porsche 911 shock and strut mount for better management of bumps on the road. The shock and strut mount also helps in insulating vibrations and noises from tires, offering you and your loved ones a super comfy ride. The mount won't work with out a bearing plate.

Each time you drive your Porsche 911 over road bumps, its shock and strut mount's bearing plate helps absorb the energy, with its rubber material at the middle serving as a cushion. If any part of the shock and strut mount of your Porsche 911 actually starts to malfunction, do not be surprised if you experience the following signs: tire alignment issues, worn out tires, excess vibrations, clunking sounds, sagging parts, oxidized patches, and bent parts. Be sure to replace malfunctioning Porsche 911 shock and strut mounts real quick.

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