Your vehicle's suspension assembly will not work smoothly without a fully operational Nissan 350z shock and strut mount, a gear that's mainly responsible in keeping the struts & shocks in their proper places. The shock and strut mount also helps in insulating vibrations and tyre noise, offering you and your loved ones a more comfortable ride. In order to tackle all the vibrations this part is usually exposed to, it's actually equipped with a bearing plate that rotates.

Whenever you ride your Nissan 350z over bumps, its shock and strut mount's bearing plate helps absorb the force, with a rubber material on the middle actually functioning as a cushioning part. If any part of the shock and strut mount of your Nissan 350z begins to fail, don't be surprised if you experience any of the following indications: tire alignment problems, tyre wear, excess shaking, clunking noises, loose parts, rusty patches, and bent parts. Completely worn out Nissan 350z shock and strut mounts are in dire need of OE replacements.

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