The Mercury Villager shock and strut mount is an essential component of the suspension unit of your Mercury Villager. This mount also operates as insulation against noise and shaking. To be able to handle all the shaking this gear is usually exposed to, it's usually equipped with a bearing plate that rotates.

Whenever you drive your Mercury Villager especially over bumps, its shock and strut mount's bearing plate helps in absorbing the energy, with a rubber material at the middle actually functioning as a cushion. When any part of the shock and strut mount of your Mercury Villager actually starts to fail, do not be surprised if you experience any of the following signs: tire alignment problems, tire wear, excess shaking, weird, clunking noises, sagging parts, rust, and bent parts. When your Mercury Villager shock and strut mounts are not able to do their job really well and they're showing symptoms of damage, replace them right away.

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