Your vehicle's suspension assembly won't really work properly without a fully operational Mercury Topaz shock and strut mount, a component that's actually responsible in keeping the struts and shocks in place. The shock and strut mount also helps insulate vibrations and tyre noise, offering you and your passengers a comfy ride. The mount w/o a bearing plate.

Each time you drive your Mercury Topaz over road bumps, its shock and strut mount's bearing plate helps absorb the impact, with a rubber material in the middle actually functioning as a cushioning part. If any part of the shock and strut mount of your Mercury Topaz starts to malfunction, do not be surprised if you experience any of the following symptoms: tire alignment problems, tire wear, excess vibrations, clunking noises, detached parts, rust, and bent parts. When your Mercury Topaz shock and strut mounts are not able to serve its purpose very well and they're showing indications of deterioration, replace them immediately.

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