Your car's suspension system won't work properly w/o a fully operational Hyundai Tiburon shock and strut mount, a gear that's responsible for keeping the shocks/ struts in place. A fully working shock and strut mount is needed for a comfortable drive. So as to absorb movement this part is typically exposed to, it's actually equipped with a bearing plate that turns.

The bearing plate's rubber-like material helps the shock and strut mount of your Hyundai Tiburon to perform its task. If any part of the shock and strut mount of your Hyundai Tiburon starts to malfunction, do not be surprised if you experience any of the following symptoms: tire alignment issues, tyre wear, too much vibration, weird, clunking noises, loose parts, rust, and bent parts. When your Hyundai Tiburon shock and strut mounts are no longer able to serve its purpose very well and they're showing indications of deterioration, replace these components as soon as you can.

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