Car Shock And Strut Mounts

The shock and strut assembly is the main suspension component involved in the absorption and dissipation of all the forces acting on your car as you drive. While your vehicle moves up and down due to the irregularities on the road, the assembly sets out to work to keep the forces from being transmitted to the vehicle cabin and to keep you from losing control of your ride. But while the said components are effective at what they do, they need the support of a shock and strut mount in performing their function.

The said mount is the attaching point of the shock and strut assembly into the vehicle. When you look at it, you'll see that the said part is but a small component, nothing fancy about its construction. It's built simply, just like any other ordinary hardware. It has an insulating material at its middle portion, and it is this rubber composition that makes the mount very efficient. In some set ups, you'll also find a bearing included with your car shock and strut mount.

So, what does this mount do? How does it work, and how important is it not only to your suspension system but to your entire vehicle? Well first, as mentioned above, shock and strut mounts are designed as attaching points between the shock and strut assembly and the vehicle. They hold the assembly and keep it in place, maintaining its firmness and toughness. As mentioned above, the mount has an insulation, and this part serves as a cushion between the vehicle and the shock and strut assembly. As the assembly absorbs movements and forces, some of these are transmitted to the cabin. Without the mount, the considerable amount of forces will still be felt in your car interior, and this can still cause considerable inconvenience.

Aside from vibrations, you may experience abnormal noises without the mount or with the mount damaged. And because the bearing of the car shock and strut mount is connected to the steering system, damage to the bearing or to the entire mount will also affect the steering efficiency of your vehicle. Either you'll have loose steering, or stiff steering. In other instances, it would be easy to tell when there is damage because you'll also notice the insulation wearing in the form of cracks. You might also notice signs of corrosion on the mount.

When you notice these or when you see other signs of problem with the mount, check it at once to determine its condition. When damaged, replace it with a new shock and strut mount immediately. It's also important that you replace the mount every time you replace the shocks and struts. This will guarantee efficient performance, as well as save more of your time. And when you're looking for a high-quality replacement, one of the reliable sources for you is Parts Train. We have a wide range of auto parts for different vehicles.