Cars were considered during the earlier years as a luxury. Only those who have the means of buying it can have a car. Now, cars are considered as a necessity because of the fast paced and busy world we now have. Getting to your destination at the earliest possible time is the way things are done right now and the best way of getting there is through a car; hence, it was considered as the easiest, most convenient, and most accessible mode of transport.

Nowadays, due to the necessity of having a car, various car companies have sprouted to address the demands for cars, one of which is the Volvo Company, established in 1926. The Volvo Company is of Swedish origin but in 1999, its ownership was acquired by the Ford Company of the USA. Although its ownership may have been transferred to an American company, still Swedish tradition, ingenuity and innovations are still manifested in the new Volvo. In fact, the new Volvo is better as it has the best of both worlds: American advanced technology and superior craftsmanship and Swedish excellence. So in the end the merger works for the benefit of the market.

The excellence and elegance of every Volvo car is manifested even up to its smallest part. One of these parts is the Volvo shock absorber. The Volvo shock absorber is a mechanical device that is designed to smooth out, damp or reduce a sudden shock impulse and dissipate kinetic energy. It works much like a resistor in an electric RLC circuit.

The Volvo shock absorber absorbs and at the same time dissipates energy for the proper performance the car. One design consideration when choosing and designing a Volvo shock absorber is where the dissipated and absorbed energy will go. In most cases, the energy is converted to heat outside the viscous fluid. On the other hand, the hydraulic fluid will heat up in the hydraulic cylinders. In the air cylinders, the hot air is generally exhausted to the atmosphere. In other types of dashpots, especially on electromagnetic ones, the absorbed and dissipated energy can be stored and reused later.

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