Contrary to what others believe, shock absorbers do not hold up a vehicle. The primary purpose of shock absorbers is to keep the rear end of your vehicle level with the front end so that you can have a more balanced suspension while driving or towing. Also referred to as the motion damper, shock absorbers are one of the most mysterious parts on a vehicle. Getting the speed that you want is not simply a case of installing any shock that you want. Because performance loss is possible just like performance gains are, working out on your shock absorber can help you setup the best quality ride that you want.

For your Volkswagen, getting the right fitting shock absorber is important. With the quality and performance that your vehicle offers, equipping it with the right shocks is necessary and significant. But before plunging into the complex and diverse world of the automotive market, you need to understand first the functions of the shock. This way you can efficiently choose the best shock for your precious driving machine. First off, it is vital to know what shock absorbers don't do. Shocks don't support the vehicle's weight, it does not control weight transfer, does not affect chassis balance at mid-turn and most importantly, it is not the answer for all basic handling problems that you may have. What shocks do are the following: it limits the motion of the suspension and the chassis; offers more or less quick movements of a suspension corner rather than contrasting corners; it controls the amount of time it takes for your vehicle to corner; and it is used to redistribute the weight of your car on the four corners as it shifts in a corner exit or entry.

Now that you know the real function of shock absorbers in vehicles, it is vital that you exercise regular and proper care to it to keep your ride smooth and safe all the time. Driving with a broken shock absorber can be a great safety hazard and safety concern. Signs to look out for to detect a malfunctioning shock absorber are unusual tire wear, unusual noise when driving, loss of vehicle control, leaking oil or fluid coated in the shock, and cracks and breaks. As soon as you notice these signs in your vehicle, inspecting your shock absorber and securing immediate replacement if necessary is vital. Remember though that shock absorbers come in different designs fitted for different types of vehicles and applications. The right shock design for your car depends on your budget and the performance that you need. Knowing how you can efficiently use your shock absorbers to enhance entry and exit performance can also help you determine the right fitting shock for your ride.

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