Normally, when most people think of cars they would think of speed, acceleration, torque, and horsepower. However, it is not the power generated by the piston engine which is most important; it is how you can control it that matters. After all, all the power that is coming from the engine is useless if the driver has no means of controlling the vehicle. The end result would be tragedy. In view of this very important aspect of car engineering, the suspension system is installed in cars.

The suspension system is located underneath the car since it is essentially a part of the chassis. It is tasked with supporting the weight of the car, absorbing and dampening shock, and helps in maintaining tire contact with the road. The car suspension system is comprised of other parts which include the springs and the shock absorbers. As the suspension system is an integral part of every vehicle, including the Toyota, so is the shock absorber. Hence the Toyota shock absorber is one car part that cannot be removed from the suspension system.

The Toyota shock absorber is very important in providing a smooth ride for the passengers and drivers of the Toyota. Although the springs are effective in balancing passenger comfort with handling still it cannot provide a perfectly smooth ride. This is due to the fact that though the springs may be great in absorbing energy, they are not as good in dissipating it. Dissipating the energy is the exclusive realm of the Toyota shock absorber. If there is no Toyota shock absorber in a Toyota car, its car spring will extend and will continue to bounce making it extremely uncontrollable, and even dangerous.

The Toyota shock absorber is the one granted the power to dissipate energy in order to provide a smooth and comfortable ride for every one aboard the Toyota car. It slows down vibrations by turning the kinetic energy into heat energy that can be readily dissipated through hydraulic fluid. Most Toyota shock absorbers come readily, since its job which is controlling spring motion through the process called dampening is exclusive upon it. The Toyota shock absorber should be properly taken good care of and maintained to preserve its near perfect condition since this is on way of ensuring the excellent performance of the Toyota shock absorber.

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