However powerful your engine is, it will be rendered useless if the owner isn't capable of controlling the automobile; it is due to this that all automobiles are provided with a reliable suspension before they are discharged from the production area. To grant you a comfortable drive, the vehicle's suspension, the suspension assembly includes a Suzuki Grand Vitara shock absorber, which reduces unwanted movements of your vehicle's spring. In case the shock absorber isn't able to do its job, you can expect an unmanageable vehicle plus an unstable trip since the spring will send out all the energy it gets while passing through bumpy roads.

Situated between the frame and wheels, the shock absorber directs oil via tiny channels within a tubular housing and functions to convert movements into heat. If you are effective at completely controlling your vehicle and it's also running smoothly regardless of how bumpy the road is, then the Suzuki Grand Vitara shock absorber is doing its job properly; it will help stretch the lifespan of many automobile components. In irregular roads, it is the shock absorber that maintains the stability needed by the automobile's body and chassis.

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