Elegant, functional and impressive Subaru vehicles need durable and reliable shock absorbers. Although often neglected, shock absorbers play a vital role in vehicle handling and getting a comfortable ride. Shock absorbers also help in prolonging the service life of your car's components. Using substandard and old shocks can increase your chances of driving with your wheels off.

Though called shock absorbers, shocks technically don't absorb the "shock" of bumps and suspension loading. This is done by the suspension springs. Shocks also do not support the weight of the vehicle. The primary job of the shock absorber is to control the energy stored in the spring. It functions in maintaining the stability of the chassis and body even while road deformities have the wheels driving up and down madly. As hydraulic units, shocks are essentially velocity sensitive, meaning as the suspension is constrict at a fast rate, the shock absorber applies force in the chassis gradually to dampen the additional spring energy.

There are two types of shock absorbers, the adjustable and nonadjustable. The nonadjustable shock absorber is manufactured with a certain bump and rebound rate. This is to produce a given suspension control and a comfy ride all in one package. The adjustable shock absorber comes in single or double configuration the former more expensive than nonadjustable shocks but less costly than the double-adjustable shock. Single adjustable shocks let changes in the rebound portion of the shock while double adjustables have the ability to reduce the bump and rebound separately. The choice of shock absorber will depend on the performance need of your vehicle. Making the right choice is imperative to ensure superior suspension performance.

Contrary to what other say, the job of shock absorbers is not that easy and simple. They take most of the beating and injury. Durable and superior as they may seem shock absorbers do not usually last for the entire life of the vehicle. Time and usage will wear them out and reduce their controlling capability. Worn shocks will increase braking distances, hastily wear tires, and can speed up suspension and other component damage. For this reason, securing replacement as soon as damage is evident is imperative. Putting up with worn shock absorbers can significantly affect the performance of your vehicle.

Make sure to get original equipment shock absorbers to ensure quality performance. If you are into spirited driving getting upgraded shocks is the right choice for you. But if you want to maintain the factory ride that you are used to, sticking with OE shocks is your best bet. Secure your Subaru shock absorber here at Parts Train. Our online catalog carries genuine shock absorbers from leading manufacturers that you can surely trust. Don't take chances on your shock absorbers as they may cost you more than just money. Pick the best fitting shock for your Subaru and drive trouble-free for thousands of miles.