Your Porsche 911 shock absorber absorbs the effects of rough roads from transferring on the body of your vehicle. This part is a kind of dashpot or mechanical device that actually works in order to lower shock impulses and / or energy that could be transmitted on the frame of the vehicle. Typically, the dampening which this absorber actually does also keep suspension and steering components from getting damaged gradually.

You will locate your Porsche 911 shock absorber installed on the control arm, usually to the upper arm, and to the structure of the car. Within its tough outer shell is pressure tube loaded with hydraulic fluid in which a piston rod squeezes. A good shock absorber actually works just like an oil pump using the piston rod moving up and down, compressing and de-compressing the hydraulic fluid within the tube. Whenever this rod motions up, the damper is set in extension cycle; once the piston rod is down, the damper is in its compression cycle.

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