Over the years, shock absorbers have progressed into more sophisticated designs. Today, your Porsche vehicle is equipped with high grade shock absorbers to enable you to get a convenient and pleasurable ride for thousands of miles. With the luxury and power that your Porsche exudes, it is only fitting to equip it with top grade shocks.

Your Porsche shock absorber is an oil pump that has pistons attached to the end of the piston rod. This piston works against the hydraulic fluid in the pressure tube. Through the up and down movement of the suspension, the hydraulic fluid is pushed to the orifices or tiny holes to slow down the piston. This in turn slows down the movement of the spring and suspension. Modern shock absorbers are velocity sensitive. This means that the faster the suspension moves the more resistance the shock offers. As such, shock absorbers are able to manage the movement of the suspension efficiently to maintain stability even road irregularities have the wheels rocking up and down madly.

Regular inspection of your Porsche shock absorber is essential to keep the part in top condition at all times. This will ensure that every time you drive down the road, you do not suffer from too much vehicle bounce, roll and sway. But as soon as severe damage in your shock is evident securing immediate replacement is vital. Putting off replacement can also cause you greater expense in the long run. There are many shock manufacturers in the market today. Each is custom designed to specific year, model, and make of vehicle applications to customize the results offered by its efficient service. Getting the right fitting shock for your Porsche is important to ensure precise fitment.

When you have fully functional shocks in your vehicle, you get to unleash its full potential for off-road or all-terrain and high performance applications. With superior load distribution, your suspension component is relieved from being constantly strained which can eventually take its toll and disturb smooth operations. Your problems with constant bounce, sway, brake dive and acceleration squat is extensively reduced.

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