However powerful the engine could be, it will be of no good if the driver cannot control the vehicle; it is due to this that all vehicles are supplied with a reliable suspension before they're driven off the production area. For less springy rides, the vehicle's suspension, the suspension assembly comes with a Pontiac Wave shock absorber, which decreases unnecessary motion of your vehicle's spring. In case the shock absorber ceases to carry out its job, you can expect an irrepressible automobile and an unstable ride since the spring will give off all the energy it obtains while going through bumpy tracks.

Situated in between the wheels and the vehicle's frame, your shock absorber directs oil via little avenues within a tubular casing and works to transform kinetic energy directly into heat energy. A well-functioning Pontiac Wave shock absorber doesn't just assure a comfortable journey and improved control over the vehicle; it as well extends the service life of various other vehicle parts. In uneven surfaces, it is the shock absorber that sustains the stability necessary for vehicle's body and frame.

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