Your high-performance engine will be rendered useless once you don't have control over your vehicle; that's exactly the reason automobiles are usually equipped with a suspension assembly. To make your drives comfortable, the suspension includes a Pontiac Sunfire shock absorber, which reduces undesirable movements of the vehicle's spring. In case the shock absorber ceases to do its task, you should expect an irrepressible vehicle as well as an unstable trip since the spring will send out the energy it receives while passing through bumpy roads.

Placed between the wheels and frame, the shock absorber sends oil by means of tiny passages inside a tubular housing and works to turn kinetic energy into heat energy. A properly functioning Pontiac Sunfire shock absorber doesn't only ensure a comfortable journey and better control of the vehicle; it also prolongs the lifespan of various other vehicle components. Even in bumpy roads, your shock absorber makes it a point that your automobile's body and frame stay secure.

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