Your Pontiac Montana shock absorber isolates all the effects of uneven streets from being transferred on the frame of your car. This component is a type of dashpot or mechanical unit that works to help dampen shock impacts and effects that could possibly be transferred on the frame of the vehicle. The actual dampening that your absorber does also keep suspension and steering components from getting impaired in time.

The Pontiac Montana shock absorber is part of a suspension system and is attached between the upper control arm and your current automobile body. Common shocks design includes a piston rod that goes up and down a solid pressure tube that's full of hydraulic fluid. This rod is attached to a specially designed piston, which helps this particular damper work identical to an oil pump. Whenever this rod goes up, the damper is at extension cycle; if the piston rod is down, the damper is in the compression cycle.

Eventually, the Pontiac Montana shock absorber will be damaged and a replacement will be required. A long directory of options for your needed part is offered by Parts Train. We offer KYB, Pro Comp, Bilstein, and all other trusted brand names in the industry. We also assure that our pricing is cheapest you can find.