No matter how remarkable the engine could be, it will be rendered useless if the owner isn't effective at controlling the vehicle; it is for this reason that each motor vehicle is equipped with a suspension system before they are discharged from the assembly plant. The Pontiac Lemans shock absorber belongs to the most important parts of the suspension as it dampens excessive movements of the spring to offer you a comfortable journey. Without using a shock absorber, the vehicle's spring will sure radiate the power it takes up when going through some humps and this will jump endlessly, therefore resulting in a very bouncy trip on irregular surfaces and certainly, an unmanageable vehicle.

As it is basically an oil pump that is installed between the framework and your wheels, the shock absorber transforms kinetic energy in to heat energy by forcing oil thru small passages inside a tube-type casing. When you have a full control over your vehicle and it's working comfortably no matter how bumpy the terrain is, then the Pontiac Lemans shock absorber is functioning properly; this will help prolong the life of numerous automobile components. Even in irregular road conditions, the shock absorber makes sure that your vehicle's body and chassis continue to be stable.

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