Your high-performance engine will be useless when you do not have control over your car; that is actually the reason automobiles are equipped with a suspension system. To give you a comfy drive, the suspension comes with a Pontiac Aztek shock absorber, which decreases unnecessary motion of the automobile's spring. If your shock absorber fails to do its job, you can expect an unmanageable vehicle as well as an unstable ride since the spring will send out the energy it obtains while driving over rough roads.

Situated between the wheels and your ride's frame frame, your shock absorber directs oil through small passages within a tubular housing and operates to turn movements directly into heat. A properly functioning Pontiac Aztek shock absorber doesn't only guarantee a relaxing journey and improved control over your vehicle; it as well extends the lifespan of many components comprising the vehicle. In irregular roads, it is the shock absorber that retains the firmness necessary for vehicle's chassis and body.

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