Pontiac is one of the best makers of the known line up of automotives in the industry both before and today. Being a GM product, it's no wonder why this brand is well popular in the world of cars and on the road. Besides the performance that we all seek in every automotive that we're on, the next best thing that could grab our attention greatly would be the comfort that we'd get from the driving experience. Comfort is often associated to the stability of the automotive. With that reason, you can only take credit on the idea of a well engineered suspension system of your automotive.

The suspension system of your car is one of the reason why you have that well balanced, non-bounce experience inside the vehicle even if you're driving on uneven roads like on an off road safari, or the simple bumps and humps that we manage to pass through in highways and every where on the road. In another way too, the suspension system helps and contributes in protecting the cargo and luggage of your automotive by reinforcing on the weight of the vehicle. To achieve these purposes, the suspension system is built up with parts that would contribute to its task.

These parts are namely, struts, shock absorbers, springs, and linkages including the wheels itself. The suspension system is very significant for your automotives' handling and braking ability providing a good active safety and driving pleasure. The part that probably that is mostly thought of when the suspension system is mentioned would be the shock absorber. Since the suspension is known to lessen the effects of the bouncy feeling, it is all because of the Pontiac's shock absorber. Your Pontiac shock absorber is a mechanical damper that is designed to smooth out or damp a sudden shock impulse caused by the drive and dissipates kinetic energy.

The most common type of shock absorber would be the hydraulic one, although there are a lot more other options that you can choose from. Without the shock absorbers, you would have to depend on your car's springs; however, this won't be enough and won't even be durable enough to withstand the constant pressure. With your Pontiac shock absorbers, it allows a soft or lower rate springs while still having control over the rate of suspension movement in response to the bumps and humps.

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