However remarkable the engine could be, it'll be of no good if the driver cannot control the ride; it's because of this that each car or truck is equipped with a suspension system before they are driven off the factory. To grant you a comfortable drive, the vehicle's suspension, the suspension assembly includes a Oldsmobile Bravada shock absorber, which reduces undesirable movements of your ride's spring. If the shock absorber fails to carry out its duty, you can expect an unmanageable vehicle as well as a springy ride because the spring will radiate all of the force it receives while going through uneven roads.

Positioned between your wheels and frame, the shock absorber directs oil by means of small avenues in the tube-type casing and works to convert kinetic energy directly into heat. Once you are capable of completely controlling your automobile and it's also running comfortably regardless of how rough the road is, then your Oldsmobile Bravada shock absorber is performing its job perfectly; it will assist in extending the life of several vehicle parts. In bumpy surfaces, it's also the shock absorber that retains the firmness necessary for the vehicle's chassis and body.

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