Your Nissan 350z shock absorber isolates all the effects of uneven streets from being sent towards the frame of a vehicle. This particular suspension part is really a mechanical system referred to as dashpot, damper, or just, shocks. The dampening that this absorber actually does also keep suspension and steering parts from turning out damaged gradually.

Your Nissan 350z shock absorber is part of a suspension system and is secured in the middle of an upper control arm and your vehicle body. In this part's tough housing is pressure tube full of hydraulic fluid in which a piston rod squeezes. A shock absorber really works just like an oil pump with the piston rod to go up /down, compressing and de-compressing the hydraulic fluid inside. Once your rod goes up, the damper is at extension cycle; if the piston rod goes down, the damper is in a compression cycle.

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