When the suspension system of your car is already old or if some of its parts are substandard, you will suffer stressful and uncomfortable ride due to swaying and bouncing. Inspect the suspension system of your vehicle or let a professional mechanic check its condition in order to determine the cause. Because, the shock absorbers are the most vulnerable to damage of all other suspension parts, one of them could be the cause of the uncontrollable vehicle movements. Perhaps, you already need to secure new Nissan shock absorbers to remedy the problem.

Shock absorber is the suspension component designed to dampen or reduce the swaying and bouncing of the vehicle's chassis due to the movement of its springs in connection to the speed and road surface. It basically works to help achieve seamless driving stability on paved roads and considerably comfortable ride when traveling on rugged surfaces with the aid of pistons, springs, and hydraulic fluid. The shock absorber manages the movement of the springs by converting kinetic energy into thermal energy degenerated through the hydraulic fluid. Once the suspension bounces in an upward and downward direction, the hydraulic fluid enters through the tiny holes in the piston, slowing its movement then.

In the market, you'll find variations shocks absorber designs, wherein the twin tube and mono tube design are the most commonly used. The twin tube shock is composed of an inner and outer tubes, while the mono tube is composed of a single tube attached in upside down direction for the purpose of reducing its weight. In addition, new types of shocks containing velocity hydraulic damping devices are now available to offer vehicles more efficient suspension performance.

The blows acquired by your suspension system due to the everyday operation will eventually render some of its parts defective. When the shocks get damaged, your vehicle will start to sway, rock back and forth, bounce, and suffer from brake drive and acceleration squat. Disregarding the matter can lead to more serious effects. The tires rapidly wear, and the other interconnected parts will start to decline as well. Hence, it is wise to install new replacements at the very first signs of defects. Leaving the problem sit for few days is actually risking the other components vital to the suspension system's performance.

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