A bouncing car eliminates the comfort and delight in traveling since you may experience all trauma from the potholes and humps along a sloping highway; the travel quality is tremendously reduced, particularly if there's a lot of vertical motion when your car passes a rough track regularly, however, this condition can be minimized if your Mitsubishi Lancer shock absorber is in tiptop form and is sturdy enough to endure extreme highway shock. Your shock absorber functions by dispersing the kinetic force coming from the movement of your suspension parts and converting it into a thermal energy by making use of the hydraulic fluid; the process considerably cushions the severe stress brought by road irregularities so the vehicle would be able to travel smoothly.

The job of the shock absorber is fairly simple yet it involves numerous pieces so as to get the process done; this unit achieves the dampening effect by converting suspension parts' kinetic force into a powerful heat energy that can supply your Mitsubishi Lancer a strong force field against stressful road hits for a more enjoyable, hassle-free trip all the time. Don't let the impairment get more severe and pick a new Mitsubishi Lancer shock absorber from Parts Train; our catalog includes Ground Force, Omix, and Eibach labels at affordable prices.