Not one of the road irregularities could affect your current level of comfort within the cab because you have a dependable Mercedes Benz 240d shock absorber in your car's suspension. This particular suspension part is a mechanical device referred to as dashpot, damper, or just, shocks. The dampening that your absorber does also help maintain suspension and steering components from getting impaired gradually.

Your Mercedes Benz 240d shock absorber is part of your suspension system and is fixed in between your upper control arm and your automobile framework. In its hardened casing is pressure tube filled with hydraulic fluid to which a piston rod squeezes. A shock absorber really works like the oil pump using the piston rod to go up /down, compressing and de-compressing the hydraulic fluid inside. This part works within a pair of cycles, up or extension and down or compression.

Eventually, your Mercedes Benz 240d shock absorber will be damaged and a replacement unit will be required. Acquire the shock that will suit your suspension system here at Parts Train. Right here, you will find KYB, Pro Comp, Bilstein, and all the favorite makes in the automotive market. We also assure our costs are least expensive you can find.