Not even one of these bumps is likely to affect your level of comfort in the passenger cabin because you have a dependable Lincoln Mks shock absorber on your car's suspension. This specific suspension comprising part is actually a mechanical device referred to as dashpot, damper, or just, shocks. Its duty likewise guards the remainder of the car's suspension components from becoming defective by these untoward movements.

The Lincoln Mks shock absorber is a component of a suspension system and it is fixed between your upper control arm and the car frame. In the hardened casing is one pressure tube loaded with hydraulic fluid which a piston rod compresses. A shock absorber really works just like an oil pump using a piston rod moving up and then down, compressing and de-compressing the hydraulic fluid in it. When your rod moves up, the damper is set in extension cycle; if the piston rod moves downward, the damper is in its compression cycle.

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