No matter how efficient your engine is, it'll be rendered useless if the driver does not have control over the automobile; it is for this reason that every automobile is supplied with a suspension assembly before they are released from the production area. The Kia Optima shock absorber is among the most important parts of your vehicle's suspension because it minimizes too much movements of the spring to supply you with a relaxing ride. If the shock absorber fails to do its job, you will have an irrepressible vehicle as well as a bouncy trip as the spring will send out all of the force it obtains while driving over uneven paths.

Positioned between the frame and wheels, the shock absorber blows oil through small passages in the tube-type casing and operates to convert kinetic energy directly into heat energy. When you have a full control over your vehicle and it's also operating smoothly no matter how bumpy the path is, your Kia Optima shock absorber is working properly; it will help extend the life span of several vehicle components. Even in bumpy roads, your shock absorber makes sure that your vehicle's body and chassis stay stable.

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