No matter how powerful the engine is, it will definitely be made inefficient if the motorist does not have control over the ride; it is because of this that all automobiles are supplied with a suspension assembly before they go out of the production area. The Kia Magentis shock absorber belongs to the most important elements of your vehicle's suspension since it minimizes unnecessary spring motion to provide you with a comfortable journey. With no shock absorber, the vehicle's spring will uncontrollably release the energy it takes up when passing over some dips and it will jump endlessly, thus giving you a a very bouncy ride on rough terrains and certainly, an uncontrollable car.

As it is basically an oil pump that is sandwiched between your framework and your wheels, the shock absorber transforms motion into heat by driving oil through tiny passages inside of a tubular housing. Once you are effective at completely controlling your vehicle and it's also working smoothly regardless of how bouncy the road is, your Kia Magentis shock absorber is performing its job properly; this will help increase the lifespan of many vehicle parts. In uneven roads, it is the shock absorber that retains the firmness necessary for the automobile's body and frame.

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